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        AD Series

Outdoor SMD HD LED Display 

HD perfect outdoor performance.
The pixel pitch is :
- 6.25 mm, without graininess even in 5-7 meters, a close view distance.
- 7.80 mm, without graininess even in 6-8 meters, a close view distance.
Demonstrate clear image, suitable for any close view distance application. High quality 3 in 1 SMD, large viewing angle, nice color mixture, lighting evenly, bright image and colorful.
High brightness, large viewing angle
Over 6000nits brightness, clear image even in bright outdoor environment, large viewing angle Manual and automatic brightness adjustment available, ensuring best performance during different circumstance.
Front or rear maintenance option 
Front or rear maintenance option, realizing module, power supply and receiving card front or rear maintenance, saving your maintenance cost.

High IP rating IP65, frame free for outdoor installation

IP65/54, outdoor use without protection and A/C, saving operational cost.

Portable, compatible for main stream video ratio.

Each panel only weights 30kg, portable and suitable for different display size requirements.
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