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Best Advertising choice for mobile internet era !
Pixel Pitch 3.9mm, IP65/54, weather proof; Outdoor Ultra HD display, crystal clear and vivid images; High brightness and auto adjustment according to environment; Intelligent group management, easy and convenient.
Intelligent management, easy and convenient
Managing multiple displays via cable, 3G, 4G, WAN and LAN; One click to release, inter-cut, timing, updating AD
Multiple formats available
Multiple formats available: image, video, audio, flash, clock, countdown, weather forecasting & etc; 1-1 and 1-N management, and breakpoint resume available.

Easy to maintenance, safe & reliable.

Front tempered glass and display can be open to 90℃, large space for maintenance; Rings on the top makes transportation and installation simple; Inside switch and lightening protection device, protect it from potential risks.
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